2pEA5. The creation of audible sound from ultrasonic energy: A fundamental paradigm shift.

Session: Tuesday Afternoon, June 17

Author: Elwood G. Norris
Location: American Technol. Corp., 12725 Stowe Dr., Poway, CA 92064, woody@atcsd.com


The author presents HSS[sup TM] Technology, the creation of audible sound waves derived as difference information from ultrasonic energy. It will be demonstrated that the original experiments of German physicist, Hermann von Helmholtz, regarding the creation of difference frequencies by sounding two tones loudly in air, can be dramatically enhanced and applied to audio reproduction using ultrasonic frequencies. It will be shown that by emitting a complex ultrasonic wave into air from a single transducer, it is possible to produce difference frequency sound waves. Further, it will be shown that this audible ``difference'' sound is propagated as an independent wave once it is created in air. The technique eliminates the traditional need for multiple transducers, crossovers, and enclosures. The ability to ``project or shine'' sound in a particular direction is shown to be an inherent benefit of this technique. The reproduction of broadband music using this methodology will be demonstrated. An overview of the underlying science, physics, and mathematics supporting this technology will be presented.

ASA 133rd meeting - Penn State, June 1997