2pNSc4. Sound quality evaluation of vehicle interior power train noise.

Session: Tuesday Afternoon, June 17

Author: J.-W. Kim
Location: Noise and Vib. Team, Central Res. Ctr., Hyundai Motor Co., San1-1, Mabook-Ri, Kusung-Myun, Yongin-Shi, Kyungki-Do, 449-910, Korea, phin7429@chollian.dacom.co.kr


In this paper, the sound quality of interior noise of three 1500-cc passenger cars driving at constant speed is evaluated. Paired comparison for three different cars and engine rpm was applied for subjective assessment with respect to important factors, i.e., booming, roughness, sharpness, powerfulness, and loudness. Based on the results, loudness is the most important factor on the perceived annoyance. Finally, an objective measure to evaluate: Each of five factors was conducted and each of these measures had good correlation and subjective evaluation. [See NOISE-CON Proceedings for full paper.]

ASA 133rd meeting - Penn State, June 1997