5aUW6. An Arctic acoustic array system: Installation, in situ, repair, and preliminary data analysis.

Session: Friday Morning, June 20

Author: Barbara Sotirin
Location: NCCOSC RDTE D881, 49575 Gate Rd., Rm. 170, San Diego, CA 92152-6743, sotirin@nosc.mil
Author: Jon Thorleifson
Location: DREA Esquimalt Defence Res. Detachment, Victoria, BC V9A 7N2, Canada


Under Project Spinnaker a joint Canadian/U.S. large multiple aperture array was deployed and cabled back to shore under the Arctic ice pack during April 1996 to acquire long-term measurements of Arctic ambient noise. The data collected have been documented and are being distributed to investigators for analysis. As well, the system is planned as a receive station for the joint U.S./Russian Arctic Climate Observations Using Underwater Sound (ACOUS) project. Although batteried for a 3-to-5-year life, in June 1996 the signal from the array terminated abruptly. After detailed analysis of the last recorded data, a repair effort was planned for the Spring of 1997. This paper will describe the anaysis, methods, and outcome of the in situ repair and future use of the deployed acoustic array system. [Work supported by ONR, SPAWAR, and CRAD.]

ASA 133rd meeting - Penn State, June 1997