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Re: AM on sine-wave speech

>From chris@neuroinformatik.ruhr-ini-bochum.de:

>My question is: Did Carrell and Opie use always the same AM for all
>components of the sine-wave speech?

No.  We also included a conflicting modulation frequency condition in which
the three tones were modulated at three different (prime numbered, to avoid
inadvertant comodulation) frequencies.

>If so, it would be interesting to
>see what happens if either the AM frequency was slighlty modified
>(100 Hz versus 105 Hz) or the phase of the AM was randomized between
>the different components of sine-wave speech. This would clarify
>   -    The AM helps by broadening the formants,    or

>   -    the AM helps by auditory grouping comodulated sinusoids.


If you have any other questions or comments feel free to email me or
Jane Opie (atjmo@acvax.inre.asu.edu) directly.

Tom Carrell