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More terminology

Dear colleagues,

Here are a few more suggestions concerning the physical versus
subjective terms we have been discussing:

Physical:  Stimulus arrangement, physical pattern
Subjective: Organization, grouping.
I have read papers in which the authors made reference to the grouping
of the sounds.  They were referring to the physical arrangement or

Physical: sub-sequence, set of frequency-isolated tones,
          potential stream
Subjective: stream
People sometimes refer to "one of the streams in the stimulus" meaning,
for example, the set of high tones.

We probably could also use a common convention for indicating a single
cycle of a repeating loop.  I would suggest
that a single cycle be presented, preceded and followed by ellipsis
dots, with elements delimited by comma + space.
  Example: "The repeating cycle, given in Hz, was ...500, 300, 500,
Is there an existing convention for designating a cycle, that we
might simply adopt instead of this?  Do we need a convention at all?

 - Al Bregman