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AUDITORY list manager

                                        December 24, 1992

Dear list members,

     The AUDITORY list seems to be well-established now.  We have
about 180 members from all over the world, and the discussions
are often quite interesting.

     At this time I have served as list manager for nearly a
year, and I would like to find out whether somebody else would
like to volunteer for the coming year.

     The responsibilities of the list manager are the following:

(1)  To insert the addresses of new members into the mailing
     list and the biographical data list (about 4 per week).

(2)  To remove members who ask to be removed (rarely).

(3)  To deal with error messages sent to the list manager when a
     message fails to reach its destination (about 4 per

     So far I have kept the manager's job to a minimum.  Still it
takes an average of about 4 to 5 hours per week, time that is
getting harder and harder for me to find.

     For this reason, I am sending out this call for a manager
for 1993.  Do any of you want to have an influence on the future
development of this list and have some time that you could
dedicate to it for a year?  It is possible that if the email host
at your location is extremely reliable, the list could be
transferred to an address on your machine.  Alternatively, it
could stay at McGill, and you could manage it by email.

     Anybody interested?  If so, please respond to me directly.

- Al Bregman