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Internat. Conf. on Pattern Recogn.

January 4, 1993

Dear AUDITORY List Members,

     I have agreed to be on the program committee of the
International Conferences on Pattern Recognition to be held in
1994 in Jerusalem.  I am to put together one or two sessions
and possibly some posters on Auditory Scene Analysis.  This is
the first time that this conference has acknowledged our area of
research explicitly in their planning (see section 3 of their
announcement given below).  It creates an excellent opportunity
for our group to make its presence felt in the world of pattern
recognition.  Our session(s) would form part of the section on
Signal Processing, whose conference chairman is David Malah of
the Technion, email address <malah@dekel.technion.ac.il>.

Malah writes:

    "It is ... reasonable to assume that at most two
    sessions of 1.5 hours each could be dedicated to
    Auditory Scene Analysis, this gives us a maximum of 10
    paper presentations and perhaps the same number of
    poster papers. Please regard these figures just as a
    preliminary estimate - as I have not consulted any of
    the conference organizers."

    "By the way, the last conference also had tutorials
    during the two days preceding the conference
    (registrants had to pay an extra fee).  I don't know yet
    if any are scheduled in our conference.  The last
    conference did not have invited talks at the beginning
    of sessions.  I think we might have.  If we do, then
    such a session will have one paper less."

I know the fall of 1994 seems a long way off, but people need to
make plans well in advance to assure travel funding through their
institutions, companies, or grants.  So I want to bring this to
your attention well ahead of the date of the conference.

Given below is the general call for papers by the ICPR.  If you
want to indicate a preliminary interest, without any commitment,
please email me at <in09@musicB.mcgill.ca>.  It would be nice to
present a cross-section of the types of work done in our area.

 - Al Bregman

Psychology Department              Tel. (514) 398-6103
McGill University                  FAX Number: (514) 398-4896
1205 Docteur Penfield Ave.
Montreal P.Q.
Canada H3A 1B1


                       CALL FOR PAPERS - 12th ICPR
              International Conferences on Pattern Recognition
                     Oct 9-13, 1994, Jerusalem, Israel

The 12th ICPR of the International Association for Pattern Recognition will be
organized as a set of four conferences, each dealing with a special topic. The
program for each individual conference will be organized by its own Program
Committee. Papers describing applications are encouraged, and will be reviewed
by a special Applications Committee. An award will be given for the best
industry-related paper presented at the conference. Considerations for this
award will include innovative applications, robust performance, and
contributions to industrial progress. An exhibition will also be held.
The conference proceedings are published by the IEEE Computer Society Press.

GENERAL CO-CHAIRS:   S. Ullman - Weizmann Inst. (shimon@wisdom.weizmann.ac.il)
                     S. Peleg - The Hebrew University (peleg@cs.huji.ac.il)
LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS:  Y. Yeshurun - Tel-Aviv University (hezy@math.tau.ac.il)
INDUSTRIAL & APPLICATIONS LIAISON: M. Ejiri - Hitachi (ejiri@crl.hitachi.co.jp)

                          CONFERENCE DESCRIPTIONS

1. COMPUTER VISION AND IMAGE PROCESSING, T. Huang - University of Illinois
   Early vision and segmentation; image representation; shape and texture
   analysis; motion and stereo; range imaging and remote sensing; color;
   3D representation and recognition.

   Statistical, syntactic, and hybrid pattern recognition techniques; neural
   networks for associative memory, classification, and temporal processing;
   biologically oriented neural networks models; biomedical applications.

3. SIGNAL PROCESSING, D. Malah - Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
   Analysis, representation, coding, and recognition of signals; signal and
   image enhancement and restoration; scale-space and joint time-frequency
   analysis and representation; speech coding and recognition; image and video
   coding; auditory scene analysis.

4. PARALLEL COMPUTING, S. Tanimoto - University of Washington
   Parallel architectures and algorithms for pattern recognition, vision, and
   signal processing; special languages, programming tools, and applications of
   multiprocessor and distributed methods; design of chips, real-time hardware,
   and neural networks; recognition using multiple sensory modalities.

Notification of Acceptance: May 1994. Camera-Ready Copy: June 1994.

Send four copies of paper to: 12th ICPR, c/o International, 10 Rothschild blvd,
65121 Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. Tel. +972(3)510-2538, Fax +972(3)660-604

Each manuscript should include the following:
1. A Summary Page addressing these topics:
   - To which of the four conference is the paper submitted?
   - What is the paper about? - What is the original contribution of this work?
   - Does the paper mainly describe an application, and should be reviewed by
     the applications committee?
2. The paper, limited in length to 4000 words. This is the estimated length
   of the proceedings version.

For further information contact the secretariat at the above address, or use
E-mail: icpr@math.tau.ac.il .