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For: Greg Sandell
Re; Principal components analysis

Dear Greg:

   For applications of principal components analysis to speech spectra, see
one or more papers by Stephen Zahorian in JASA; I don't have the exact
references with me, but they were published in the mid-80s. For an
application to clapping sounds, see my paper in JASA (1987). More recently, I
have used PCA in the analysis of expressive timing patterns in music; see my
papers in JASA (1990 and 1992).

   I tried to send this message to your personal e-mail address, but I
cannot get through. Is sandell@cnmat.cnmat.berkeley.edu correct?

   Best regards,

   Bruno (Repp)

   (at IPO Eindhoven until the end of May: repp@heiipo5.bitnet)