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Ear Models and Music Research

 Call for papers : Special issue on Ear Models and Music Research

Interface - Journal of New Music Research is planning a special issue
on Ear Models and Music Research.  The aim is to highlight the
relevance of ear models for music research and to go into the details
of relevant applications in music perception and composition.
High-level tutorial introductions as well as specialised applications in the
field of music research are welcome.  The issue is planned to appear
in Januari 1994.  Manuscripts (5000 - 8000 words) should be submitted by
August 15 1993.  Authors that plan to submit a paper are requested
to contact the editor as soon as possible.

 dr. Marc Leman
 University of Ghent
 Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music
 Blandijnberg 2
 B-9000 Ghent
 E-mail: ml@flw.rug.ac.be
 Tel & Fax: ++32 91 644125

 Interface - Journal of New Music Research

 Aims and Scope:

Interface - Journal of New Music Research (since 1972) is an international
journal devoted to the discussion of  developments in new music and new
research in music.  This includes the study of instrumental and
electronic music, computer , interactive and multimedia systems as well
as music related DSP, psychoacoustics, and all aspects dealing with
music perception, cognition and music history (historical morphology).
The Journal has an interdisciplinary orientation and affords a forum and
interface for disciplines ranging from musicology (music theory,
esthetics, sociology), psychology (from psychoacoustics to cognitive
psychology - with emphasis on modelling), information sciences (from
soudn engineering to artificial intelligence), philosophy (epistemology
and methodology) and brain sciences. The emphasis is on an
interdisciplinary foundation for music by means of the most advanced

Publisher : Swets & Zeitlinger, The Netherlands

Issues of interest are:
automated composition; AI and music; computational musicology; digital
sound analysis, processing and synthesis; interactive systems; multimedia;
auditive perception and cognition; cognitive musicology;
psychological and historical morphology of music...