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Job Wanted

Dear colleagues,

Does anyone know of any research positions vacant?

I am nearing the last 3 months of a 3 year project on Auditory Streaming
(experimental investigation and computational modelling of), which WAS
funded by the 3 major research councils in the UK (ESRC/MRC/SERC). I have
one outstanding grant application which I am waiting upon, but nothing
definite. I am also applying for short term grants, but would prefer some
stability and to be able to get on with doing research rather than writing
grant applications.

I am looking for a research post in auditory perception (the field of
interest will widen as I get more desparate) and I would be quite willing
to relocate to North America.

I can offer the enthusiasm, experience and competence I have gained during
the time I have been employed as a researcher in psychoacoustics. I have
started to write up my PhD thesis (titled "An ecological approach to
auditory perception"), and aim to finish the experimental programme by the
end of my contract here.

Best wishes,

        *  Kevin L. Baker                                               *
        *  Departments of Psychology and Computer Science,              *
        *  University of Sheffield, Sheffield, S10 2UR, UK              *
        *  Tel: +44 742 826541     Fax: +44 742 766515                  *