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Re: Sorry if this is the wrong place for a question....

could it be the different rates at which the TV screen is refreshed in US
and UK. I'm not sure whether the sound is connected to the screen refresh
rate - and maybe it's not connected to different perceptions you are
talking about.

I've recently seen both of the Branagh films. I'm pretty sure that Dead
Again was an American production, and I too recognize the audio difference.
Peter's Friends is a British production and I think it was produced with
help of Channel 4 (TV station) which is one of the few companies in the UK
dedicated to keeping our drastically underfunded film industry afloat. If
it was funded by Channel 4 then there is a high chance it was produced with
showing on TV in mind - and the filming would then be different. I'm afraid
I don't know the technical details.

I am always aware when I am watching a US or UK production on film in the
same way you are. This may be culturally learnt. I find it easier to
listen/watch UK films, and also north European productions. What about the
deathly silences in Bergman films? Are these more American to you - perhaps
it a Scandinavian thing.

Hope this is of some use.

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