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ucdavis!auditory@VM1.MCGILL.CA ucdavis!netad@uds01.st.it

From: marva4!pdivenyi (Pierre Divenyi)
Message-Id: <9308231655.AA16463@marva4.UUCP>
To: ucdavis!uds01.st.it!netad
Subject: Re:  The Net ADvertiser

Are we witnessing an intrusion of commercialism in our pristine
academic-oriented altruistic-inclined workgroup? Is Internet
degenerating? Will NetAdvertiser-type pull-out-all-the-stops
salesmanship eventually overtake Internet? Or will commercial
interest make it necessary for whomever has so far ensured
free (I mean, totally free!) access to the network to question
whether it should be, indeed, free for everyone, all over the globe?

I, personally, found the submission coming from Italy offensive
and urge all Audlist members with similar feelings to speak up.
Please, please, no ads in my mailbox -- I have enough of it
at home and at my office, courtesy of US Mail that subsidizes
commercial advertisements.

        Pierre Divenyi