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Auditory Display Resources

From:  Gregory Kramer
Regarding: ICAD Proceedings Resources Appendix

Dear Colleagues:

The proceedings of ICAD '92, the first International Conference on Auditory
Display, are in the final stages of preparation for publication by Addison
Wesley.  There are two appenixes that I am completing that may benefit from
your input:  A Resources appendix and an Annotated Bibliography.

The Resources appendix will be (I suspect) a brief list of email addresses for
forums, journals, perhaps conferences, and a few key texts that relate to the
computational, perceptual and theoretical issues associated with auditory
display (AD).  Examples include the Computer Music Journal, the Journal of the
Acoustical Society of America, the ICAD@SANTAFE.EDU forum and, of course, the
AUDITORY list.  Any contributions are appreciated.

The Annotated Bibliography appendix includes the citations and brief
(generally a couple of sentences-give or take a sentance) annotations stating
what the book or paper is about and its primary findings.  Contributions of
your own works are welcome, but please consider whether they are sufficiently
relevant to AD research;  this is admittedly a subjective judgement.
Contributors of multiple works (other than their own) will receive credit at
the beginning of the appendix.

When considering both the resources and the annotations, think both of what
you would appreciate knowing about to contribute to your knowledge base, (for
example a paper on auditory streaming or a particular synthesis technique),
and also consider what someone entirely unfamiliar with the field would need
to know about, (for example, an overview of psychomusicology, human interface,
VR, sound computation, knowledge representation, MIDI, etc.).

DEADLINE:  I need this material no later than September 24.  This deadline is

Please email your contributions to:

Gregory Kramer;  kramer@santafe.edu

If you care to reach me by snail mail, the address is:

Gregory Kramer
Nelson Lane
Garrison, NY  10524
fax: 914-424-3467

Thanks for your involvement.