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Call for Shoes

Dear Colleague,

We think it would be a good idea to bring together the contributions of
different researchers to the field of automatic foottapping, beat or metre
extraction, and tempo following for interactive computer music systems.
This could take the form of a demonstration and/or paper session at ICMC
1994. We would like to add a fun side by supplying a platform of MIDI
controlable mechanical shoes for a demonstration of the systems and an
educational side by somehow presenting an overview of the methods used.

Do you think this is a good idea? Do you want to participate? Could you
make your algorithm available? Any more fun ideas?

Please e-mail you reaction to desain@nici.kun.nl

Best regards,

        Peter and Henkjan

The next text has been submitted to Array:

Beat-tracking (also referred to as tempo-tracking or foot-tapping) is a
difficult problem, crucial to enable good interactive composition
systems. This proccess extracts from incomming (MIDI) events a
periodical pulse at an appropriate metrical level (tactus).  The beat is
an essential reference for many subsequent structural analyses (at least
for some kinds of music). Many ideas and systems exist, all more or
less successfull. For the ICMC 1994  we would like to submit some
sort of demonstration or installation in which different foot-tapping
algorithms will listen to the same music, each with its own mechanical
MIDI-controlled tapping shoe. Researchers are invited to submit an
algorithm and a shoe. And all ideas about how we can make this into
an enlightening experience are welcome.
We would be very happy if, with your help, we could learn from
individual approaches and uncover an inventarisation of the methods
used. Apart from the installation itself, we think of proposing a foot-
tapping paper session. Students who could help getting this realized as
part of their study - please repond too.

Please send Email before shoe.

Peter Desain and Henkjan Honing
P.O.BOX 9104
NL - 6500 HE Nijmegen
The Netherlands