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two technical reports available

The following are available from me (by mail only, at the moment)

Temporal localisation and segmentation of sound using onsets and
CCCN Technical Report CCCN-16

Onset and offset filters for sound are developed. These are inspired by
both the neurobiology of the cochlear nucleus and by the on-centre
off-surround filters used in image processing. These are used to perform the
temporal localisation of simple sounds. The techniques are used to
localise in time a succession of non-overlapping simple sounds.
Segmentation of more
complex sounds is considered as a question of the temporal localisation
of the sound's time components. The technique developed is applied to a
percussive and a blown musical instrument, and to simple speech sounds,
and results given. Some further
development directions for the methods employed are suggested.

Position Paper: Processing sound for interpretation.

By taking an ecological view of sound perception strongly influenced by
J.J. Gibson, we consider what the sound
itself can usefully tell us about the source.  We are
therefore interested in extracting appropriate stimulus information.
Since we also believe that low-level human auditory processing
is independent of the nature of the sound, be it speech or not, we are
interested in how the low-level human auditory system extracts such
information. The eventual aim of this work is synthetic sound interpretation
systems which can
perform the simple tasks which we take for granted as humans. A brief
description of a programme of research is included.

Available from:
Dr. Leslie Smith, Department of Computing Science,
University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA