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Re: Seeking "neutral" sound

Sr. Jean Anthony, chair of the Music Therapy Department at Immaculata
College, Immaculata, PA (215 area code, phone number obtainable from
directory assistance) had done her PhD thesis at Temple University in
part in creating tapes which contained "neurophonic" music -- that is,
music which stimulates both sides of the brain equally. There is no
sound which will produce NO physiological reactions, the perception of
a sound is in fact a physiological reaction. But these neurophonic sounds
are as close as they come (as I know of, anyway). She tested many hundreds
of individuals when creating these tapes. Sr. Jean is quite affable and
would be glad to provide you with the tapes, and other background materials
on their use, I'm sure. Do give her a call. Sorry I don't have the number
with me just now, but you can obtain it easily with the info I provided above.

Best of luck with it,
Rebecca Mercuri