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Bruno's experiment, Pierre's response

>From Pierre's postings:

> Shepard tones. If I were them, I would ask myself which of the
> many hypotheses are testable, and whether they are worth testing at all.

> [I] would like to warn against making
> far-reaching inferences from essentially uninterpretable data.

D.Deutsch made a provocative (perhaps politically incorrect to some :-) claim
and Bruno took a stab at testing it.  I don't think he has stuck his neck
out on any far-reaching inferences on this, his post only reports that he
found the same difference in subject responses between two groups.  Right
now the nationality/tritone effect has a better status than Cold
Fusion...it's been replicated with a different observer, equipment,
location and subjects.  As much as I might like to tell the results to go
take a hike, they've proven more than I have.

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