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        I saw this posted on comp.speech (Usenet) and thought there
would be some interest from segments of the Auditory-List community.

                                                --john lazzaro

From: ta@stl.panasonic.COM (Ted Applebaum)
Subject: Speech Recognition in Adverse Conditions
Organization: Speech Technology Laboratory, Division of Panasonic
              Technologies, Inc.

 We are preparing a review article on "Robust Speech Recognition
 Under Adverse Conditions", which we would like to be a little
 broader than other recent reviews such as:

     B.-H. Juang, "Speech Recognition in Adverse Environments,"
        Computer Speech and Language, vol. 5, pp. 275-294, 1991.


     S. Furui, "Toward Robust Speech Recognition under Adverse
        Conditions," Proc. ESCA Workshop on Speech Processing in
        Adverse Conditions, pp. 31-42, European Speech Comm. Assoc.,
        Cannes, Nov. 1992.

 We would appreciate references to any original work you may suggest
 for inclusion, including, but not limited to the following topics:

        - Special transducer arrangements for noise suppression
        - Novel representations of speech, such as Auditory models
        - Speech enhancement preprocessing
        - Noise masking and adaptive models
        - Robust distortion measures
        - Stress compensation
        - Speaker adaptation
        - Co-channel separation
        - Coping with different kinds of microphones
        - Adaptation to new task domains

     Thanks in advance,
     Brian A. Hanson and Ted H. Applebaum
     email: han@STL.Research.Panasonic.COM

 Speech Technology Laboratory        or : ta@STL.Research.Panasonic.COM
 3888 State Street                  voice: +1 (805) 687-0110 ext 223
 Santa Barbara CA 93105 U.S.A       FAX:   +1 (805) 687-6384