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Anyone Interested?

Hello to all of You, who will be recieving ths message.

Feel free to pass the "word".

Sorry, If You get this message from several places or again from someone,
looks like at the last time I tried to send it - nothing happened.

The reason I am writing this is cause I have heard same talk about
DJ's swapping shows - show is taped in one place, and sent then on tape
to another DJ in other state, or country. I was wondering, is there
someone interested swapping radio-shows with one Estonian DJ - me.
I am at the moment off the air, but "I'll be back", I'm off the air
cause I am developing a CD monitoring system for Apple Macintosh
(using FileMaker Pro). Anyone interested in that may contact mee too. :-)

We can work out any details through private e-Mail.

With best regards

Alar Pardla, from Tallinn, Estonia, Europe, World, ....

REPLY TO alar@el.ee

alar@el.ee - one of the shortest e-Mail addresses in the world!  :-)
      Alar Pardla, P.O.Box 3309, Tallinn, EE-0090, ESTONIA
      Tel: Int + 372-6-311 347    and  Int + 372-2-683 077
      Fax: Int + 372-2-558 897    Tel: Int + 372-2-510 323 (home)