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Dear AUDITORY list members:

I have been telling people to send their submissions for
the International Conferences on Pattern Recognition to
David Malah.  I have found out that they should not do
so.  Instead send them to the ICPR office as described below:


Send four copies of paper to:
12th ICPR,
c/o International,
10 Rothschild Blvd,
65121 Tel Aviv,

Tel. +972(3)510-2538, Fax +972(3)660-604

Each manuscript should include the following:

1. A Summary Page addressing these topics:

 - Indicate that the paper is submitted to the SIGNAL PROCESSING conference.
 - What is the paper about? - What is the original contribution of this work?
 - Does the paper mainly describe an application, and should be reviewed by
   the applications committee?

2. The paper, limited in length to 4000 words. This is the estimated length
   of the proceedings version.

For further information on all ICPR conferences contact the secretariat at the
above address, or use E-mail: icpr@math.tau.ac.il .



Al Bregman