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[krishna@cns.bu.edu: JASA style file ]

Dear Auditory List -

As you (probably) know, I operate a small FTP site containing the
membership database and a few other bits and pieces at:-


(The member list and posting archive are in the AUDITORY subdirectory.
 To get them, you 'cd' into that directory and 'get member-list' or
 'get postings'.  However, you can't 'ls' in that directory, to provide
 some modicum of privacy for this data from marauding net-browsers).

For a while I have been thinking about setting up a more extended AUDITORY
ftp site.  Right now we have some available resources, so I am considering
this more actively.  I decided to look to the list for advice.

The big question is:  What kinds of things people would like to see in the
FTP site?  Martin Cooke suggested:

  back issues of auditory postings
  list of participants (to save posting it out every few months)
  lists of all relevant publications in our field

His first two items are now available.  Would anyone care to contribute
the third?  As for abstracts, the ASA meeting abstracts are already
available by FTP; would it be worth having them here as well?  (I have some
back issues).  What about other sources of abstracts?

As well as contributing the JASA style files (in subdirectory 'tex'),
Krishna K. Govindarajan suggests:

  code, e.g. gammatone filterbank, relevant sound files,
  documents, e.g. thesis work, relevant reports

These all seem like excellent ideas to me.  The problems are more
practical - how to we collect this stuff?  How do we decide what to
have?  Where do we find it?  Ultimately, there are limits to what
we can hold;  more than 100 megabytes might raise some questions...
There are also issues of how to sort files into subdirectories in
order to be able to find given items efficiently.

One other question concerns the `presentation technology'.  The
current site uses FTP, which is not exactly friendly, but widely known.
However lately I have been browsing the 'World Wide Web' with Mosaic.
Perhaps we should have an AUDITORY list WWW page?  There is also the
'gopher' system.

I'd be very glad for any opinions from list members on an appropriate
form for an AUDITORY information resource.  Also, if people have
specific materials they'd like to contribute, they can mail me

--  DAn Ellis <dpwe@media.mit.edu>
    MIT Media Lab Perceptual Computing.