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Cochlear and Auditory Models in Matlab

I'm pleased to announce a new Auditory Toolbox for Matlab.  This toolbox
contains functions useful to people interested in auditory/cochlear
modeling, and using auditory models in their work.  The goal of this
toolbox is to provide several models of human auditory perception in an
easy to use package.

We use Matlab in our own work and we needed these functions.  We thought
that other people might also want them, so we've packaged them, tested
them, documented them, and made them available.

This toolbox, which has been tested and works on both Macintosh and Unix
computers, includes the following major models:
        Lyon's Passive Long Wave Cochlear Model (our conventional model)
        Patterson-Holdsworth ERB Filter bank with Meddis Hair cell
        Seneff's Auditory Model (Stages I and II)
        MFCC (Mel-scale frequency cepstral coefficients from the ASR world)
        Correlogram generation and pitch modeling
        Simple vowel synthesis

The best way to get these functions is via anonymous FTP from the following
        Host:           ftp.apple.com (only works for properly
                                        configured TCP hosts)
        Directory:      /pub/malcolm

The following files are available:
 832 -rw-r--r--   1 malcolm  419487 Apr 14 21:03 AuditoryToolbox.mif.Z
2696 -rw-r--r--   1 malcolm 1372976 Apr 14 20:54 AuditoryToolbox.psc.Z
1128 -rw-r--r--   1 malcolm  573215 Apr 13 19:52 AuditoryToolbox.sea.hqx
 192 -rw-r--r--   1 malcolm   92160 Apr 13 19:21 AuditoryToolbox.tar
  72 -rw-r--r--   1 malcolm   36405 Apr 13 19:21 AuditoryToolbox.tar.Z

The ".mif.Z" file is a Unix compressed version of the FrameMaker
documentation.  The ".psc.Z" file is a Unix compressed version of the
Postscript documentation.  The ".tar" and ".tar.Z" files are Unix TAR
archives containing all of the m-functions and C-MEX source code.  Finally,
the ".sea.hqx" file is a Macintosh self-extracting archive that has been
encoded using BinHex.  We do provide precompiled version of the three MEX
function for the Macintosh.

If you can't get the bits electronically, we can send you a paper copy of
the documentation and a Macintosh floppy containing the toolbox.  Sorry, we
can't make this software available via other media.  Send a note to
to request the software.  She will need your request for TR#45 or the
"Auditory Toolbox" and a postal address (no PO boxes for foreign

The toolbox contains the 21 functions (three of them are implemented as MEX
functions in C).  I have included the list of functions at the end of this

Our lawyers ask you to remind you that there is no warranty.  We've done
some testing but we undoubtably missed things.

We hope these tools are useful in your work.  We certainly find these tools
(and Matlab) to be a great aid for our own perceptual work.  Cheers.

-- Malcolm Slaney
   Apple Senior Scientist

Lyon Cochlear Model.
  agc                - Adaptation process for Lyon's Passive
                       longwave cochlear model
  DesignLyonCascade  - Designs the filters needed to implement
                       Lyon's passive cochlear model
  EpsilonFromTauFs   - Calculate the first order decay
                       coefficient (tau)
  FreqResp           - Evaluate frequency response of the filter
  LyonPassiveEar     - Calculate auditory nerve responses using
                       Lyon's passive cochlear model
  SecondOrderSection - Design a second order filter section
  SetGain            - Set the gain of a second order system
  soscascade         - Implement a cascade of second order filters
  sosfilters         - Implement a bank of second order filters

Patterson/Meddis Models
  MakeERBFilters     - Design for ERB cochlear model
  MeddisHairCell     - Implement Meddis' Inner Hair Cell Model

Seneff Auditory Model
  SeneffEar          - Implement Stages I/II of Seneff's Auditory Model
  SeneffEarSetup     - Design filters for Seneff's model

Correlogram Processing
  CorrelogramArray   - Compute an array of correlogram frames
  CorrelogramFrame   - Compute a single correlogram frame
  CorrelogramMovie   - Compute a Matlab movie of a correlogram
  CorrelogramPitch   - Compute the pitch of a signal with a correlogram

Signal Processing.
  mfcc               - Mel-frequency cepstral coefficient transform of
                       an audio signal
  spectrogram        - Compute the spectrogram of a signal