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An Internet experiment:

If you have a basic knowledge of harmonisation and can spare about 20 minutes,
we could use your help!  At Stirling University, Prof. Roger Watt and I are
collecting different harmonisations for unaccompanied gaelic folk tunes in an
investigation into relationships between harmony and melody of simple tunes.
Participants are asked to harmonise three melodies as they think suitable, and
to indicate subjective melody breaks.

We are especially interested the potential of utilising the network for
collecting a wide variety of responses.  The cross-cultural aspect will be of
great interest as well:  the breadth of musicians that can be reached through
the network should yield rich data.  Therefore, we are hoping that those with
even a little harmonisation experience will participate.

No special requirements are necessary to participate, other than having access
to a computer on the network.  The files are all in ASCII format, and require
no music program of any kind.  Responses may be e-mailed in return, or posted
back if you wish to write out your harmonisation.  If you are interested,
please feel free to download the files listed below via anonymous FTP from
forth.stir.ac.uk.  If you do not have access to FTP or have any questions,
please e-mail Lawrence Gerstley at ldg@cs.stir.ac.uk.

Thank you in advance for your time and participation.

Files located in directory pub/CCCN/gaelic:

UNIX            gaelic1.tar
Macintosh       gaelic1.sit
IBM             gaelic1.zip

If loading individual files:

This file:      plea.txt