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"walking down the cochlea" video

Hi All,

I got quite a few responses to my message asking for a "walking down
the cochlea" video. Many of them asked to be informed about the
result of my inquiry. Here is a survey of all hints I have got so


Steve Mcadams <Steve.McAdams@ircam.fr> writes:
There was a very nice video (in French) called "La danse des cils"
done by Remy Pujol in Montpellier which may have what you are looking

HARTMANN@MSUPA.PA.MSU.EDU (Bill Hartmann) writes:
        Eberhard Zwicker made a video of travelling waves on his
model cochlea. You can probably get a copy from Hugo Fastl or from
his son Tilmann in Munich.

        If you're interested and have trouble getting them from
Munich, I have a copy.  I presume it works much better on PAL
than NTSC.

Jont Allen <jba@research.att.com> writes:
There is some work done on apple at Univ of wisconson, but I dont
think it is as complex as your asking for. I doubt there is anything
like what your are looking for. It is hard enough to find correct
written down in paper form.

steveng@cogsci.Berkeley.EDU (Steve Greenberg) writes:
Yes, I have developed one and would be willing to get you a copy.
It works on a Mac under Suprecard using Macromind Director to
coontrol the animations.

Avery Wang <avery@ccrma.Stanford.EDU> writes:
I think Malcolm Slaney at Apple Computer has such a demo.  I know I
saw is as a Quicktime movie (must be played on a Macintosh).  I don't
know if they have it on video.
I will ask.


I will try to get copies of the videos mentioned, and I will send a
commented survey as soon as I have seen them alllll :)

- Christian Kaernbach