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Research Studentship

            Research Studentship - Hearing Research

     The Hearing Research Trust has agreed to sponser a Research
Studentship for work in the laboratory of Dr. Brian C.J. Moore,
in the Department of Experimental Psychology at Cambridge.  The
student would be expected to work for a Ph.D. degree, and the
Studentship will pay University/College fees plus living
expenses (at normal MRC rates) for three years.  The topic of
the project is outlined below.

     In everyday life it is common for many sounds to be active
at the same time.  The auditory system has the task of analysing
the components of the mixed sound and deciding which components
"belong" to each sound source.  This process is known as
"perceptual grouping".  It is usually accomplished with ease by
normally hearing persons, but is accomplished imperfectly and
with difficulty by hearing-impaired persons.  This project would
study the process of perceptual grouping in hearing-impaired
persons, using experimental methods that have previously been
applied only to normally hearing people.  The aim would be to
improve our understanding of why hearing-impaired people have
difficulty with perceptual grouping.  The  results should
ultimately be applicable to the design of new types of hearing
aids that would enhance the ability to carry out perceptual

     Applicants should send a CV and the names and addresses of
at least two referees to

Dr. B.C.J. Moore,
Department of Experimental Psychology,
University of Cambridge,
Downing Street,
Cambridge CB2 3EB,

Applications may also be sent via email to: