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Dear Auditory People,

        I have a technical problem which, I am sure, several among you
have encountered and solved to your satisfaction. I would like to acquire
a digital audio tape unit (DAT) and interface it to a PC-style computer
running either straight DOS or Windows. As a minimum requirement, this
interface should allow positioning the tape at a given address (time mark or
time position), and activating the play/record/stop functions. Optimally,
the tape should be used as a digital input-output device.

        The question is twofold: (1) What are the DAT's on the market
that come with a computer interface (we have found only one, the Panasonic
SV-3900, priced at 2k++) and where could I find them? (2) What software
packages/interfaces are there to talk to the DAT?

        Thank you for your help.

                Pierre Divenyi