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New Journal

Dear Colleague:

We are very pleased to announce the publication of a new journal;
Auditory Neuroscience.  The journal will be dedicated to the rapid
communication of the highest quality basic research in
hearing science.  To reflect trends in the field, the journal and its
reviewing process will be directed by a group of Associate Editors,
having responsibilities for the following areas of the

                 Cell and Molecular Biology: Allen F. Ryan
                Development and Plasticity: Edwin W. Rubel
                    Peripheral Systems: David Mountain
                      Central Systems: Eric D. Young
               Computational Neuroscience: Jos. J. Eggermont
                 Behavioral Neuroscience: William A. Yost
                      Neuroethology: Peter M. Narins

Auditory Neuroscience will be a highly selective publication.  As such,
we cordially invite you to disseminate your best research results and
ideas via this new forum.  We promise you the most thorough, yet rapid,
review possible and expeditious publication of your submissions.
Moreover, there will be no page charges or additional fees for figures or
color photographs.

The first issue of Auditory Neuroscience will be published in mid-1994.
We are convinced that the journal will become the leading forum for the
field and we look forward to having one of your manuscripts published
in an early issue.