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Congress on deaf education

Announcement and
call for papers:
                     18th International Congress
                       on Education of the Deaf

                           Tel Aviv, Israel
                           July 16-20, 1995

The ICED is one of the most prestigious international scientific
meetings in the field of deaf education.

It is held every five years to study and discuss a wide range of
topics relevant to the education, rehabilitation and adjustment of
deaf and hard-of-hearing children and adults.

Among those who participate are:
    * educators
    * scientists
    * speech, hearing, language and health specialists
    * psychologists
    * social workers
    * other professionals
    * government officials
    * parents
    * deaf and hard-of-hearing adults

Main topics:

    * language development
    * literacy
    * communication
    * instruction
    * cognition and learning
    * educational policies and services
    * organization and administration of schools and programs
    * students with special needs
    * psychosocial development
    * education and work
    * postsecondary and continuing education
    * deaf adults in society
    * audiological and medical aspects of deafness
    * speech and hearing rehabilitation
    * technical developments

The congress is being held under the auspices of:
         Tel Aviv University
         School of Education
         Hearing Impairment Program

with the cooperation of the three national organizations for and of
deaf and HOH children and adults:
         ACHA Association of the Deaf in Israel
         MICHA Society for Deaf Children
         SHEMA for the Education and Rehabilitation of
               Hearing-Impaired Children and Youth

The 1995 ICED in Israel is an unsurpassed opportunity to combine
business with pleasure.  The unique tourism experience of
ancient/modern Israel offers a wealth of cultural and religious
activities, archaeological sites, museums and cuisines.

    DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS: November 15, 1994.

Secretary-General:                     Program Chairman:
    Prof. Jerry Reichstein                 Amatzia Weisel, Ph.D.
    School of Education                    Hearing Impairment Program
    Tel Aviv University                    School of Education
                                           Tel Aviv University

For information, registration form and abstract guidelines,
write to:

ICEDEAF/1995                     Internet: iced@ccsg.tau.ac.il
P.O. Box 50006                   Fax:      972-3-517-5674
Tel Aviv 61500 Israel