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External postings to AUDITORY list

Dear List members -

John Lazarro pointed out that a good way to exclude unwanted mail
would be to reject all postings other than those originating from
members of the list.  The listserver software we are using supports
this option, so I have enabled it.  The only drawback is that postings
to the list will need to come from the email account which exactly
matches your entry on the list.

When a posting is received from outside the list membership, it is
returned to the sender with the following message:

  You are not authorized to mail to list AUDITORY from your <source-address>
  account.  You might be authorized to post to the list from another of your
  accounts or under a slightly different address, but LISTSERV has no way to
  associate this other account or address with you and is thus rejecting your
  message.  Your message is being returned to you unprocessing.  If you have
  any questions regarding authorization to use the AUDITORY list, please
  contact the list owner, whose name and address is listed below.

I hope this will provide a satisfactory compromise between ease of use
and protection from unwanted postings.

-- DAn Ellis <dpwe@media.mit.edu>
   MIT Media Lab Machine Listening Group.