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Re: Repp and numerous others

>I thought the idea of the BB was to address obscure or current questions, or
>at least, for juicy gossip, not for people who are too lazy to do even a
>minimal literature search (not to mention the concept of doing the literature
>search before you run the experiment).
>Sardonic in Seattle

    Sorry, but I disagree.  What better use of this list than to
get information more efficiently by consulting experts than
by spending hours in the library.  If you were in your office
and a colleague walked in and asked you for some leads in finding
research on a topic, I am sure you would be very obliging.
What's the difference when colleagues do it by email?
A side benefit is that they may find others interested in their
particular topic.

    I have a similar feeling about announcements and queries
of all types, providing that they originate with
members of the list and are of interest to the
the membership (e.g, persons available for jobs, jobs available
for people, and all the myriad things we would talk about
if our offices were next to each other).   I think being a
member of a list like ours is a matter of give and take.

 - Al Bregman in Montreal