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environmental sounds

Dear Colleagues,

Below is a brief summary of sources of recorded collections of environmental
sounds (and other sound effects) based on responses to the request I posted a
couple weeks ago.  Geffen Systems sent me a catalog of sound effects
collections and a demo CD (no charge). They handle the BBC and Hollywood Edge
collections (audio CD versions) as well as many other collections.  All but a
couple are on audio CDs and most are sold in sets of 5 or more, starting at
around $200 (some much higher).  Most single-CD collections are $60.  Both
Aware (Cambridge, MA) and Audiofile (Lexington, MA) sounded promising, but
they didn't respond to my email requests.  The information I gathered
convinced me that the Hollywood Edge CD-ROM was the best for my needs.
The NEXTSTEP CD-ROM is a subset of three Hollywood Edge collections and it's
a fairly cost-effective way to get a wide range of high-quality sounds in a
format that will be very convenient for me.

Thanks again to all of you who sent suggestions.

Gary R. Kidd
Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405

kidd@kronos.sphs.indiana.edu  (NeXTmail welcome)

BBC "SFX" CDs   - a collection of 40 CDs
BBC Enterprises Ltd., Woodlands, 80 Wood Lane, London W12 0TT, UK

Tonal Images.
505 W. 22nd St.
Suite #4E
New York, NY 10011
Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Collection  (NEXTSTEP CD-ROM)
Sounds from this collection (and others) are also available on audio CD

Cornel Natural Sounds Library.
Curator:  Greg Budney.  (607)254-2406
(email from Chris Clarck: cwc2@cornell.edu)

Gefen Systems in So. Cal: (818) 884-6294
- handles many sound effects libraries

Aware, Inc. of Cambridge, (617) 577-1700
(John Stautner, VP of Audio, jps@aware.com)
Speed-of-sound Volume I: SFX

Lexington, Mass.
(617) 861-2996
Rich Goldhor (rich@afi.com)
"large database of sounds"

Kaboom! for the PC