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postdoctoral position available

A position is available for a post-doctoral scientist to study the effect
of auditory grouping on the perception of sounds by patients with
unilateral neglect following right-hemisphere damage. The position is for a
period of two years , is funded by a grant from the Stroke Association to
Dr. I. Robertson and Dr. R. Carlyon, and is based at the MRC Applied
Psychology Unit in Cambridge.  The goal of the research is to obtain a
better understanding both of the nature of the perceptual disorders
accompanying unilateral neglect and of the processes underlying auditory
grouping. It will  involve testing both normal listeners in the laboratory
and patients in their own homes; this latter testing will involve some
travel to London. It is expected that the successful applicant will have
the background and technical ability necessary to carry out an auditory
study, combined with the clinical and/or personal skills required for the
testing of patients. The position is available immediately, although the
exact starting date is open to negotiation.

Bob Carlyon
MRC Applied Psychology Unit
15 Chaucer Rd.

Phone: (44) 1223 355294 ext 720
FAX:   (44) 1223 359062

email: bob.carlyon@mrc-apu.cam.ac.uk