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Limerick Workshop

Please pass this on to anyone who you thing might be
interested. Thanks.

I hope this of interest to some members of the list -
apologies to those who aren't...

Niall Griffith
Paschall De Paor

Computer Support for the Compositional Process

9th and 10th of March 1998

2 day workshop to be held at:

Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music,
Dept. of Computer Science and Information Systems,
University of Limerick, Ireland


Invited Speakers
Guy Brown:        Modelling the perceptual organisation of music.
Antonio Camurri:  Interactive systems and composition.
Richard Orton:    TBA
Peter Todd:       Putting Psychology into Models of Composition.
Trevor Wishart:   Electronic Composition.

The Centre for Computational Musicology in the University of Limerick is
running a two day workshop on computer support for the compositional
process. The aim of the workshop is look at the relationship between
computer technology and computational models of musical
processes. Traditional musics are deeply meshed with structural
conventions and the use of sound. Instruments are the result of evolutions
of preference and value. But 'physical' instruments are limited in that
not all music cannot be played on them all. The advent of electronic
technologies - sound synthesis and computers has up-ended this
relationship. Composers can realise concepts with no reference to
instrument makers. The range of sounds and the many ways of organizing
them raises new challenges for the musician and composer.

1) The range of sounds that can be produced makes the process of finding
and manipulating particular sounds potentially more time consuming and

2) Sound production is separated from the gestural interactions involved
in playing traditional musical instruments. This means that composers can
produce sounds uninhibited by gestural feedback - however, this means that
production is also potentially separated from very deep cognitive

The aim of this workshop is to present and discuss state of the art
developments in sound synthesis and computer support of composition and
their relationship to our conception of musical process and cognition.

Niall Griffith   niall.griffith@ul.ie  00 353 (0)61 202785
Paschall De Paor paschall.depaor@ul.ie 00 353 (0)61 202782
Donncha O'Maidin donncha.omaidin@ul.ie 00 353 (0)61 202705

Local Organisation:
Gemma Ryan:  gemma.ryan@ul.ie  Tel: 00 353 (0)61 202730
                               Fax: 00 353 (0)61 330876

There will be a nominal workshop registration fee of 10 Irish Punts,(5 IRP
for registered students).