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Re: effect of phase on pitch

Please note the following sorely neglected article, which shows that when one
hears a twelve-component uniform-amplitude harmonic complex in cosine phase in
which a single component has been shifted out of cosine phase, the singular
segregates from the complex. At the same time, however, the pitch of the
fundamental does not seem to be affected. The article also shows that if one
passes the waveform of such a complex through a square-root or cubic-root
compressive transformation, the spectrum of the resulting waveform has a peak
at the frequency of the singular component.

   author =  {Kubovy, M and Jordan, R},
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Some aspects of this work were followed up in:

   author =  {Jane Elizabeth Daniel},
   title =   {Detecting spectral and temporal differences in the harmonic
   school =  {Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ},
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   note =    {available from Rutgers's Library of Science and Medicine,
             BF.D184 1986},
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