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Re: Brightness affecting pitch

OOOOPS!   I wanted to pitch in, but my lack of brightness interfered ..

Here are the Miss Singh details for the second reference:
>For interactions between brightness and pitch observed in a sequential
grouping context, see:
>        Singh, P.G. (1987) "Perceptual organization of complex-tone
>sequences: A tradeoff between pitch and timbre?"
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 82(3), 886-899.

Re: the diss, - it can be borrowed from the library at  Washington
University, St. Louis, via inter-lib loan, or can be ordered from UMI at
1-800-521-0600, order no. 9122399.

>"Perceptual correlates of spectral changes in complex tones" (1990)

--- Pun ita

(P.S to Pierre Divenyi:  Hope your pun-chant for pun ishment is
satisfied !)

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