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Conference in Musical Imagery-99. Call for papers



VI. International Conference on Systematic and Comparative Musicology,
Oslo, June 17 - 20, 1999.

The International Society for Systematic and Comparative Musicology will
arrange its sixth international conference at the University of Oslo,
Section for Musicology, June 17 - 20, 1999.  The theme for the conference
will be musical imagery, and we hereby invite proposals for papers from a
broad spectrum of researchers who might be interested in this topic.
Besides presentations of submitted papers, there will also be presentations
by invited researchers from imagery related fields as well as various
demonstrations and concerts.

Call for papers
Musical imagery can be defined as our mental capacity for imagining
musical sound in the absence of a directly audible sound source, meaning
that we can recall and re-experience or even invent new musical sound
through our "inner ear".  Although perception and cognition in music has
received much attention in recent years, little has been said about our
images of musical sound.  On the other hand, the field of visual imagery
has attracted much research effort, partly out of the recognition that
imagery is integral to all cognition, perhaps even being the very content
of thought.  We feel likewise that musical imagery is integral to music
cognition, and that there can be no perception, cognition or knowledge of
music unless we have images of musical sound in our minds.  For this
reason, we feel it is now high time musical imagery be put on the agenda.

We would like to see a broad scope of approaches to this theme, as may be
suggested by the following sub-topics:
- Elements of auditory imagery in music (pitch, melody, harmony, timbre,
dynamics, rhythm, textures, etc.)
- Auditory imagery in language and other sonic events
- The epistemology of musical imagery
- Musical imagery and event imagery
- Cross-modality and musical imagery
- Performance and musical imagery
- Mental practice and musical imagery
- Oral traditions and musical imagery
- Theories of consciousness and musical imagery
- Neurological aspects of musical imagery
- Schema theory and musical imagery
- Musical analysis and musical imagery
- Musical imagery and representations of musical sound in mind and machine
- Musical imagery and conceptual spaces
- Guided visual imagery

Needless to say, other topics related to musical imagery could be added to
the list, the only wish being that the 1999 conference should have a fairly
strict focus on this theme.  Since little has been published within this
field (with the notable exception of Reisberg, D., ed., 1992.  Auditory
Imagery.  Hillsdale, New Jersey:  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates), publishing
a book on musical imagery as a result of this conference will be our goal.

Researchers are invited to submit extended abstracts (min. 400, max. 800
words), detailing the aim of the paper and the relationship to the main
topic of the conference, as well as stating the name and affiliation of the
author together with mailing address, e-mail address, telephone and fax
numbers, by no later than December 31, 1998.   Submissions by e-mail are
encouraged, but submissions may be made either by paper copy or by e-mail
to the following address:

Section for Musicology
University of Oslo
P. B. 1017 Blindern
0315 Oslo

=46ax:  (+47)22854763
e-mail:  r.i.godoy@imt.uio.no

Selection of papers for presentation at the conference will be made by the
scientific committee, and notification of acceptance will be given by
=46ebruary 28, 1999.  Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference
abstracts.  Full length papers must be submitted at the conference for
further editing and publication after the conference, in line with what has
been practised by The International Society for Systematic and Comparative
Musicology for previous conferences.  The following scientific committee
has been named for the conference:
Rolf Inge God=F8y, University of Oslo
Tellef Kvifte, University of Oslo
Marc Leman, University of Gent
Preben v. d. Lippe, Biomusik, =D6stersund, Sweden
Lewis Rowell, Indiana University
Albrecht Schneider, University of Hamburg

The conference will take place at the University of Oslo, Section for
Musicology, organized by the following committee:
Hallgjerd Aksnes, University of Oslo
Rolf Inge God=F8y, University of Oslo
Harald J=F8rgensen, Norwegian State Academy of Music, Oslo
Preben v. d. Lippe, Institute for Biomusicology, =D6stersund, Sweden

Details on schedule and accommodation will be posted at the conference web-s=
=46urther inquiries can also be made to Rolf Inge God=F8y:
e-mail:  r.i.godoy@imt.uio.no
tel:  (+47)22854064
fax:  (+47)22854763