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Re: Tomatis

>>From Edward M. Burns, pwa@u.washington.edu:
>It is yet more evidence for my theory that, in France, the
>real scientists are put on one track, and the other ones are put into
>hearing research.

Try being a little bit less demeaning to your colleagues Ed.
This kind of bullshit has no place on this list (unfortunately it's not
the first time).

French hearing science is alive and well and very productive, and
those that take the time to verify their data before making idiotic
statements (like Tomatis and his acolytes!) will be able to attest
to the contrary.

P.S. Sorry for the strong words, but virulent maladies often
require strong medicine and I personally refuse to let such
cancerous attitudes be spread without counter-attack. And shame
on Richard Parncutt for being a vector for such nonsense.

Stephen McAdams
IRCAM, 1 place Igor-Stravinsky, F-75004 Paris, France
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