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Subject: Well said!


Here is my answer to Ed etc. Unfortunately, it came back from the List because
my address has changed (only the machine's but the list is too stupid or
just sufficiently careful and it strictly refuses contribution from unknown
addresses). Would you please post it for me?


Hope you are doing well.

All the best,

To: auditory@vm1.mcgill.ca
Subject: Tomatis, Parncutt, Burns et al.

Dear Colleagues,

Richard's note was very informative. Now I know why I have never trusted
the pro-Tomatis crowd composed mainly of musicians.

Re/ Mozart as the supreme stimulus provider: Whitfield ("The Auditory Pathway",
1967) missed the boat when he said that no one has yet found a cell in the brain
that responded to Beethoven's Eroica. He should have tried Mozart's Haffner
symphony instead.

In defense of French colleagues (yes, Ed!), I would like to go on record
saying that there are a number of excellent French scientists in hearing
research. However, it is also true that the French establishment caters to
individuals whose message is somewhat confused, provided that they have the
political connections to get a soapbox to stand on. In 1979, JASA asked me
to review a book by a certain E. Leipp (since then deceased) with the title
"The listening machine -- an essay in psychoacoustics". My less-than-positive
review has earned me the respect of a number of French colleagues who would
have been unable to stand up against the establishment supporting the
 publication of a book of fictional character. Maybe Ed Burns wants to
 review one of Tomatis's opuses for JASA, just to lay the cause to rest?

        Pierre Divenyi