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Re: speech/music

At 08:21 PM 4/1/98 +0000, Neil Todd wrote:
>If you read the chapter, you will see that your characterisation of my
>is way off the mark. I certainly have not ignored stimulation or blood flow
> studies.
>E.g. Calvert et al (1997) Activation of auditory cortex during silent
>lipreading. Science, 276, 593-596. which I cited above. Further, it is
> not
>the case that I have adopted a naive stageist view or that I have ignored
> non-classical
>speech areas. Indeed, I have argued that we need to consider the both basal
> ganglia and
>cerebellum which are known to be involved in speech timing.
>This all goes to show that it's a big mistake to put edited extracts on
the list
> which
>inevitably will be read out of context.
Well, I agree. I apologize for assuming that Neil had not thought of the
points I raised. I hope all the readers understand that no personal
ill-feeling was attached to my message (MIME-encoded). I am eager to read
his chapter in its entirety.

As a historical note, I still keep wondering to what extent Geschwind would
have used fMRI and PET data. The guy seemed to have just **known** what was
happening where under the skull. The Boston VA Aphasia Rounds I have been
fortunate to attend resembled fascinating fireworks of insights, ideas, and


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