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Dear List -

Amidst our current flurry of activity, here's a reminder of some
administration details for the email list AUDITORY@VM1.MCGILL.CA:

Messages for the entire list should be sent to AUDITORY@VM1.MCGILL.CA
(case doesn't matter).  As an "anti-spam" measure, the Listserver will
reject messages if it doesn't recognize the "From:" address in your
message as exactly matching one of the list recipients.  Regrettably,
this results in a lot of false alarms; if you have trouble posting,
please just let me know so I can fix your address.

Requests to be removed from the list, notifications of changed
details, or inquiries from people wishing to join the list should
be sent to me at:


which is simply forwarded to dpwe@icsi.berkeley.edu .

The biographical database as well as an archive of postings are
available on the web and via ftp.  The entire member database
(over 900k, plain ascii text) is at:


This page should probably be treated as privacy-sensitive, so please
don't make web links to it.  It is 'hidden' from casual browsing.

The home page for the list is:


which includes links to the postings archives, as well a few other
resources.  (The postings archives are also available
in the same FTP directory as the member-list, in files named
postings-1993, postings-1994 etc.)

-- DAn Ellis  <dpwe@icsi.berkeley.edu>  http://www.icsi.berkeley.edu/~dpwe/
   International Computer Science Institute  Berkeley  CA