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Test of Mail Relay

With apologies,

My university, like many ISPs and universities during the last four months,
is blocking the use of the campus SMTP server for relaying mail. They
started doing this today as an emergency response to a spam overload. I,
like many users, had been accessing my account via an outside ISP and then
using Eudora or Netscape, or etc. to read and send mail. I will continue to
read my mail at GMU, but now I have to send mail via my ISP's SMTP server,
even though my return address is still herwin@osf1.gmu.edu or
herwin@gmu.edu. This is a test of the mailing lists I am subscribed to to
find out which ones now break. Note that if they break for me, they're
likely to break very soon for you, so I'll report the problems back to the
list managers.


Harry Erwin, Internet: herwin@gmu.edu, Web Page: http://osf1.gmu.edu/~herwin
Senior Software Analyst supporting the FAA, PhD candidate in computational
neuroscience--modeling how bats echolocate--and lecturer for CS 211 (data
structures and advanced C++).