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Re: tapping device

Why don't you get a piezo trigger and something like the roland octapad?
It has sensitivity controls and can accept 8 external inputs
(meaning that you could make a small flat surface for tapping...
I also think that the back of the Mark of The Unicorn MIDI timepiece two
has the ability for a trigger input and, since it's older tech, could
probably be had quite cheaply.

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On Wed, 6 May 1998, LAURA-LEE Balkwill wrote:

> re: tapping device
> Someone suggested using a MIDI keyboard so before anyone else responds
> similarly I should clarify that a keyboard wouldn't be appropriate because of
> the up and down action of the keys. I need a flat tapping surface. I suppose I
> could use a MIDI drum pad -- but what I need is some recommendations of brand
> names as I have never purchased anything like this before.
> --LL