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Re: dB SPL to dBA

At 04:56 PM 5/20/98 +0200, Patrick Susini wrote:
>An approximation can be obtained for dBA as follow
>function [y] = pondBA(n,fs)
>%FUNCTION [y] = pondBA(n,fs)
>%Calcul la ponderation dB(A) en dB
>%n : nombre de points (c-a-d la resolution frequentielle)
>%fs : frequence d'echantillonnage
>y = -184.786441+160.661125*x.1-55.73236*x.2+10.073034*x.3-0.834527*
>x.4;%en dB
For the benefit of those on the list whose French is rusty, here is a
translation of the header:

%FUNCTION [y] = pondBA(n,fs)
%Computation of dB(A) weights in dB
%n : number of points (i.e., frequency resolution points)
%fs : sampling frequency

By the way, Patrick, what is the source of your algorithm (i.e., who came
up with it)?


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