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Correlogram Web Server

We've put a correlogram server on the web and we think it is ready for use.
Send us a sound file, and we'll send you back a movie.

I've been interested for a long time in mid-level models of auditory
perception.  We know lots about the cochlea, and we know what comes out at
the top (he said XXX, there is a new sound over there, ...)  But what happens
in the middle?

The correlogram is a model of perception after the cochlea.  It provides
a representation where it is easy to see the periodicity in a signal.  Pitch
falls out naturally from this representation.  Perhaps this is the basis of
much of auditory perception.

A number of people have experimented with distributing auditory models in
source code (i.e. my Auditory Toolbox for Matlab, Ray Meddis and Roy Patterson
have been distributing C code.)  This is an experiment.  No code is necessary,
just send us an audio file and we'll supply the CPU cycles.

Complete directions are on the web page.  The standard browsers should all
work.  You'll need to be able to play QuickTime movies (builtin on the Macs,
free download for PCs, and use a program called xanim on Unix machines.)

Let me know what you think.  Is this a good way to let other people play with
auditory models?  Are there missing features?  Things that don't make sense?

Check it out

-- Malcolm

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