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Positions available

At The Technical University of Denmark (DTU):

Associate/assistant professorships in DTU's Multimedia Section.

Two positions are available in the Multimedia Section at DTU for
occupation as soon as possible.

In collaboration with the Danish National Center for IT Research, the
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is in the process of building up
a new Section for Multimedia.  The central focus of the section's
research is distributed multimedia and its applications.  The section
is placed at the Center for Tele-Information (CTI), and contributes to
an inter-disciplinary initiative involving several departments at DTU.
CTI works in a cross-disciplinary manner on research and teaching in
the areas of planning, development and use of teleinformation and
telecommunications services, as well as with multimedia.

As part of a larger effort to develop the area of multimedia, we are
looking for an associate or assistant professor in Distributed
Multimedia and an associate professor in Multimedia Support for
Cooperation.  More positions in the Multimedia Section will be
available later.  The positions are related to various aspects of
distributed multimedia and their applications.  In this connection,
distributed multimedia applications are to be looked at as
technologies which, via treatment and transmission of mixtures of
text, pictures, graphics and sound, permit efficient man-machine
interaction and stimulate and encourage cooperation and inter-personal

Associate/assistant professorship in Distributed Multimedia:

The area of research associated with this position is the development
and application of distributed multimedia.

Research and teaching in the section for multimedia is focusses
particularly on the applications of multimedia technologies.  Emphasis
will therefore be laid on research experience involving one or more
basic technologies, and on willingness and ability to work integrally
with applications of the technologies in a cross-disciplinary group.

We are looking for applicants with a solid technical knowledge in one
or more of the following areas:

 - Distributed multimedia and the associated basic signal processing
 - Methods for analysis and modelling of multimedia application areas,
   together with specification and design of distributed multimedia
 - Platforms and high-level protocols for communication in distributed
   multimedia, such as Internet, browser technologies and http.
 - Digital video and image encoding for real-time transmission, for
   example in connection with the production and distribution of
   digital TV, films and video.
 - The use of Virtual Reality systems in technical application areas.
 - Multimedia databases for handling sound, images etc., and
   technologies for searching for information, such as server
   technologies, search machines and hypermedia.
 - Advanced exploitation of multimedia sound based on auditory models
   (psycho-acoustic models of hearing).

The position is primarily offered as an associate professorship.  If
no qualified applicants at associate professor level present
themselves, the position can be offered as an assistant professorship.

The position is associated with the Section for Multimedia, working at
CTI.  The person employed will be attached to a department at DTU; the
choice of department will depend on the professional interests of the
accepted candidate.

Associate professorship in Multimedia Support for Cooperation:

The area of research associated with this position is the development
and application of distributed multimedia.

We are looking for applicants with a solid knowledge of
computer-supported collaboration, groupware technologies and platforms
for these technologies.  Research experience in the area of Computer
Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) isexpected; experience with studies
of workplaces and modelling of application areas will be an advantage.

The position is associated with the Section for Multimedia.  The
person employed will be attached to Center for Teleinformation at the
Department of Telecommunication.  Emphasis is laid both on research at
international level in the above areas and on desire and ability to
work in a cross-disciplinary group including people qualified in the
areas of engineering, sociology and computer science.

Common for both positions:

Candidates must have an M.Sc. or equivalent in engineering, computer
science or a related discipline.  In addition, applicants wishing to
apply for appointment as assistant professor must have qualifications
equivalent to a Ph.D., while for the post of associate professor they
must have qualifications equivalent to those achieved after 3 years as
assistant professor.  For appointment as an associate professor,
applicants must be able to document independent research at
international level within the areas described for the appropriate
post.   Applicants for an assistant professorship should not have held
their M.Sc. more than 8 years before being appointed, unless there are
special reasons for this.

Candidates will be evaluated on their scientific record, research
potential, ability to work together with others and teaching
proficiency.  DTU also attaches importance to candidate's having broad
experience, including experience from working outside DTU. An
interview may be requested as part of the evaluation process.

Applicants must be able to teach on both an introductory and advanced
level within their field; details of previous teaching experience
should be enclosed with the application.

Applications must include a list of publications, including
educational publications, and documentation of the work which the
candidate wishes to be taken into consideration. Applicants are
requested to include only information on what they consider to be
their most important scientific and/or educational work. The
evaluation committee may request further information or

In order not to exclude the possibility of having foreign members of
the selection committee, we request that the application be written in

The University is an equal opportunity employer, and both women
and men are invited to apply.

Terms of employment are based on the relevant and currently applicable
collective agreement.

In accordance with the Danish Ministerial Order of 9.9.1993,
applications will be dealt with by an evaluation committee, whose
recommendations will be sent to ALL applicants in their entirety.

Applicants should send their written application, curriculum vitae and
enclosures, all in triplicate, to:

        The Rector
        Technical University of Denmark
        Building 101
        DK-2800 Lyngby

Applications must be received by DTU not later than noon on 7th August

Torben Poulsen, Department of Acoustic Technology
Building 352, Technical University of Denmark
DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
Voice: +45 4525 3940 (direct); +45 4588 1622 (Departm.)
  Fax: +45 4588 0577
E-mail: tp@dat.dtu.dk         http://www.dat.dtu.dk/

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