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somewhat different. Guitar players are rarely seeking for a "true"
ransformation from pickup voltage to loudspeaker voltage, they want
(massive amounts of) distortion. And this is where the big difference
between tubes and transistors is found. Unless you do very clever designs of
transistor circuits to emulate the distortion from a tube amp (along the
lines of the work you refer to in your posting), a tube amp will deliver a
much more desireable kind of distortion. Nevertheless, there are transistor
driven devices commercially available (one is called the SansAmp) which very
convincingly emulates tube amp distortion. It can be used for plugging the
electric guitar directly into the mixing desk, thus omitting the need for a
tube amp playing at a very loud volume somewhere--very convenient for the
home studio! Sorry, I am getting carried away....

I hope this input is useful to some extent.

Best regards,


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> Subject:      Sound of tube amplifiers
> Recently I found myself in an "argument" with someone
> because I expressed the view that I still prefer
> the sound of old tube amplifiers.  The opposing view
> is that someone did a study years ago on tube
> amplifiers vs. transistor amplifiers and found that
> the transfer functions could be designed such that the
> two would be indistinguishable by audiophiles.  I
> wonder if anyone can suggest literature citations on
> this topic - have any experiments or any expert ear
> opinions been published on this subject?  I remember
> tube amplifiers as having a "warmer" sound quality.
> Thank you for any information/opinions.
> Linda Seltzer
> lseltzer@phoenix.princeton.edu
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