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Digital compression

Dear List members,

I have been looking for literature on state-of-the-art digital compressors
for audio signals--something along the lines of Jon Dattorro's excellent
"DSP Music Toolbox" papers in Journal of the AES 45(9&10).

All I have been able to dig up was a crude description of the simplest
possible compressor, where the signal is scaled by a low pass filtered
version of the absolute value of the signal. Not very informative--that
would be anybody's first guess.....

However, I suspect that the best digital compressors of today employ much
more clever processing. Does anybody know of written reports on this?

Perhaps this is asking for well protected industry secrets, but I'll have a
go anyway.

Thank you in advance,


Soeren Laugesen, Research Engineer, Ph.D
Research Centre, Eriksholm
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