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Research studentship advert

Centre for Neural and Adaptive Systems
School of Computing
University of Plymouth, UK

Research Studentship : The development of an integrated model of auditory
scene analysis

The Centre for Neural and Adaptive Systems investigates computational neural
models of major brain processes underlying intelligent behaviour and uses
these models to provide inspiration for the development of  novel neural
computing architectures and systems for intelligent sensory information
processing, condition monitoring, autonomous control and robotics.

A Research Student is sought by the Centre to participate in its on-going
research programme in the area of auditory scene analysis. There are now a
number of neural network models which address parts of the general problem,
such as auditory streaming, pitch perception and sound localisation, and it
is intended to develop a comprehensive model of auditory scene analysis
which integrates all these aspects in a way which is consistent with current
psychophysical and neurophysiological data.

Candidates for the studentship will be expected to hold, or be about to
receive, a good Honours or Masters degree in a relevant discipline and
should demonstrate a strong interest in the neural network modelling of
sensory processing and perception. Candidates should also have or expect to
acquire a good working knowledge of fundamental neuroscience principles and
good computational modelling skills.

The studentship provides tuition fees and maintenance support at a level
consistent with UK research council studentships. Additional income may be
available through part time teaching.

Further details about the Studentship can be obtained by telephoning Dr Sue
McCabe on (+44) (0) 1752 232610, or by e-mail to sue@soc.plym.ac.uk.
Dr Sue McCabe
Centre for Neural and Adaptive Systems
School of Computing
University of Plymouth
Plymouth PL4 8AA

tel: +44 17 52 23 26 10
fax: +44 17 52 23 25 40
e-mail: suem@soc.plym.ac.uk

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