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Re: Selective numbing (was: Re: Why is high high?)

Andrew Vermiglio wrote:

> Eliot, if I am understanding you correctly, the "selective numbing" is also
> called a temporary threshold shift.  Basically this means that the softest
> sounds that you could hear before the noise exposure have become inaudible.

Dear Andy,

the experience I described involved the numbing of CERTAIN ISOLATED frequencies
at the higher end of the spectrum but not all frequencies. The music I was
hearing was in fact localized to a few specific frequencies. (I say frequencies
because the sound was produced with simple electronic waves.) My voice (after
the music was over)  seemed to me be be internally filtered -- I was not having difficulty
understanding speech and I was not aware that my hearing was generally impaired. The
effect wore off in a few minutes. My hearing is excellent.

-- eliot

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