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The McGurk-effect on web

Dear list,
In case anyone might be interested in 'seing' the McGurk-effect in practice
(i.e. the illusion that your're hearing "DA", when really hearing "BA" in
synch with the lipmovements "GA"), I've made a web-version that you can
visit. The address is:

To make the Quicktime-movie as small as possible (272k), the clip, alas,
has a pretty lousy quality. But, at least it works *fairly* well...

Greetings from Arnt Maaso 8^)

PS. If you can't get it to work on your machine, you might try listening
through a headset (you should have a mini-jack output on your PC/Mac) --
also, if the images are not playing/streaming in synch with the sound, try
downloading the file to your harddrive and play it from "Movieplayer".

"Hearing is a way of touching at a distance".
 Murray Schafer

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